Christmas Shopping

So, this morning I decided I may as well start my Christmas shopping for the season.

Yes, procrastination is my day job too.

Seriously, though, my family isn’t celebrating until the 30th anyway, since that’s when my brother and his fiance are coming into town. This lets me take advantage of all those marvelous post-Christmas sales.

I decided to do my shopping at the infamous Mall of America. Most of my friends sneer in disgust at the name, but I like to indulge in the excess of the mall every so often. Since I don’t live in Minnesota anymore, and only visit infrequently, this means one or two visits every couple of years or so. Today, of course, was incredibly busy. I felt like I was walking down some strange, advertisement saturated bazaar. The people around me were not just consumers: they were gluttonous, advertisement consuming machines. Every inch of many people was covered in designer products. Every sentence I heard come out of their mouths was about products; what they received, what they bought, what they intend to buy. Lives purely dedicated to being tools of the marketplace. One must admire such fanatical focus.

Anyway, I was able to buy what I wanted. For all its faults, if you are willing to spend a couple hours calmly roaming the shops and corridors, you can get a lot of ideas for appropriate, and inexpensive gifts.

I am tainted by the consumer zombie.

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