Going round and round, without being sure we’re going anywhere.

I write that in respect to the blog. I wrote infrequently here now, and most of my few posts from the past few years have only been about waking it up again.

I have been thinking about it again, but it will it go anywhere as a result? Or am I revisiting a thought I’ve had so many times before.

Natural Causes. A paradigm that puts a certain demand on explanations. All things are caused, so accept no phenomena that cannot be explained through natural causes. This is the path to understanding.

This blog was about two things. Laying out the rudiments of my philosophy. Reflecting on how to teach. But the faucet has run dry, it seems.

Why has it run dry? Two possibilities I can think of, at this moment. The pessimistic possibility is that my mind has just gone dry. The optimistic possibility is that the first lessons are easier to learn than the later ones, and now I am working out the later ones. And I’ve fallen out of the habit of writing here.

But I know I am learning things, and I am writing about these things. I write about these things in random places, though: bits of text messages, margins of books, Facebook posts that get lost in the quicksand of the timeline.

I should return.

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