Returning to the Blog

I have had some important life transitions lately that will allow me to focus exclusively to reading, writing, and teaching. Among these changes is the deactivation of my Facebook page. Over the past years, I have been very active in posting my thoughts to Facebook. We had a lot of good discussions too. But there is an obvious limit to what Facebook allows, and it is not a great medium for longer or more stable writing. There are a few reasons I left Facebook, but one important one was to avoid the indulgence of rambling off some small thought, then never developing it beyond that.

So, this blog is now the only place on the internet that is mine and where I have a personal writing platform. Expect this to become active once more.

Among the immediate changes: I’ve added a page on the right column for periodicals. My own periodical reading habits are fairly poor, and I tend to only check the NY Times, Atlantic, and Chronicle of Higher Education with any regularity. I want to fight against that habit and keep my reading diverse and thought provoking. One great thing about Facebook included all my friends who posted interesting articles from sources I don’t usually read. One of my last posts on FB asked my friends to recommend things they read, and they gave a lot of good suggestions. The periodical page includes anything they recommended. For now, I’ll leave it the way it is. In the future, I’ll edit it to reflect what I have actually found interesting.

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