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(This page is taken from a post I wrote a few months ago that addressed the function of this blog. I think it is important to understanding what I am doing here, so I am giving it its own special link.)

A few things:

1. The intended audience of this blog is only myself. I do not mean to say that it is private: I do not care who stops by to see what I am writing, and welcome any comments. However, the purpose of this blog is to allow me a place to develop and mature my views. I know that most of the philosophy that I post here is in a immature state, without the advantage of ’standing on the shoulders’ of much of what has come before. But I want to tackle those problems that I do not yet have solutions for, not necessarily those ones that mainstream philosophy does not yet have solutions for.

2. I am quite aware that much of what I say here is actually contrary to what many mainstream philosophers, and mainstream society, would accept as true. It is not my intent here to extend or adopt the views of others, but to develop a philosophy of my own.

3. However, I want my philosophy, to have considered those who came before. I ultimately want to see things uniquely and perhaps push philosophy a little bit. This is an ambitious goal, but regardless of whether or not I ever achieve it, I need to at least make the attempt. To be a philosopher is not merely to philosophize, but also (among other things) to be a non-derivative thinker. I am largely a derivative thinker now, but I want to understand precisely where I stand now so that I can with confidence push myself further.

4. At this point in my life, I have been studying philosophy (with varying degrees of diligence) since 2001 (in the academic setting– I started reading in 1997 and had been interested in basic philosophical questions, and the philosophical worldview, for as long as I remember).  As I have studied, I have reacted and posed new theories. These theories were very exciting to myself and some other people, but as I learn more and break into more advanced philosophical communities, I see these theories become obsolete. Furthermore, when I was beginning my study of philosophy, I could mentally review, without great contemplation, all that I have learned about philosophy, and I could clearly see the problems that I needed to figure out. Now, however, I have absorbed so much that I have lost comprhension of all that I have encountered. My body of knowledge is great but fuzzy, and it is difficult to move further on fuzzy memories of technical and complex philosophies. I am entering a new phase of being a philosopher– one where I need to catalog and work out my thoughts, in writing, of all that I know. I need an encyclopedia of my own mind, essentially.   

I have started this project in a few different forms, although both are in their infancy.  First, I have begun to assemble a compendium of lectures that I give regularly. I need to be more diligent in this, as most of my lecture notes exist on hand-written sheets for a few days before they meander into the trash. These are some reflections, and some statements about what is the most common and obvious way of interpreting various philosophers and philosophical problems.

The other project that I have started is a sort of summary of Spinoza’s Ethics. It is not merely  a summary, but an argumentative summary. That is, in the study of Spinoza, I understand the controversies a lot better than in other areas of philosophy. And when I wish to lecture on Spinoza, I want to lecture on what I believe to be a true interpretation–or the best interpretation that my intellect and judgment bring me too–not a misguided one.

This very post might seem like an expression of what I have said here before many times, for example. But my notions about how to use this blog are itself a philosophy, as are my notions about how to continue my growth as a philosopher. And so I need to revisit the same problems again and again, hopefully advancing them as I go on.

This post here is non-technical, and I understand that one project that I wish to undertake at some point is to make it technical.

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