Non-Academic Philosophy

As a community college philosophy teacher, I know that my focus is not on creating future philosophy professors, but on teaching the typical citizen how to incorporate philosophical thinking into his/her everyday life. I love doing philosophy and reading about the classical philosophers for its own sake. But unless it is useful , I believe I cannot justify its role in a community college as a required elective. To that end, this page is dedicated to articles that discuss philosophical thinking in non-academic roles.

The Examined Life, Age 8.”  Discusses philosophical thinking for kids. NY Times.

“The Management Myth.” One person’s perspective on how a philosophy degree is better preparation for management positions than an MBA. The Atlantic Monthly.

“Teaching the Humanities,” by Martha Nussbaum, argues that the humanities, particularly philosophy, play a vital role in democracy.

These are just a few articles I have seen most recently, and I don’t have time at the moment to go searching. But I’m certain I’ve seen others in the past. If you have any tips, please post them and I’ll review them.

2 Responses to “Non-Academic Philosophy”

  1. The Management Myth was a great article! I am going to post it on facebook.


  2. I really enjoyed the article on children and philosophy. Children are very open with their questions. As adults, we are more careful in what we ask, and sometimes I feel that it damages us. Maybe if it is encouraged at a young age, the desire to question won’t be lost.
    Thanks for posting the articles.

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